Cobweb Under Glass

Authentic CobwebI found one of the most unusual items today that I just couldn’t wait to share with you. It’s an Authentic Cobweb put under glass. Apparently someone finds and carefully removes them. Each one is unique and is documented as to the type of spider that created it and when and where it was found. It’s then put on black felt and a slightly domed glass is put over it to be preserved forever. Of course as usual it is only sold during the Halloween season, but they still have some left and they have also lowered the price to $79.99. Pretty steep, I know, but really incredible when you think about it. I mean you know when you buy it that it’s one of a kind. I wonder what you do with it though. Is there a way to hang it up or do you just put it on a table? It’s not that big at 7″, so I guess you could find a spot for it. I just feel kind of bad for the spider who went to all of that trouble to build his perfect home and then have it taken away.

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