Claw Candlesticks

Whenever I am wandering about the house in the middle of the night to inspect a strange noise I always have to have a candlestick in my hand. Isn’t that what you are supposed to do? I think it’s just easier than turning on all of the lights. You can see much better by candlelight, right? Anyway, it’s always good to have a weapon on you as well, but that can be rather cumbersome to have to carry a candlestick and a weapon. Well, with this wonderful Claw Candlestick that problem goes away. You have a candlestick and a weapon all in one. If anyone/anything tries to attack you all you have to do is claw their eyes out. That’s if they have eyes, of course, otherwise you’ll just have to get creative. Be prepared next time you hear a noise and get oneĀ here.


One Response to “Claw Candlesticks”

  1. shoshanah Says:

    For sure. It adds to the whole drama. Almost like something from a movie.

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