Christy Kane Dolls

Minta DollI came across this wonderfully creepy doll artist, photographer and storyteller the other day and had to share her with you. Her name is Christy Kane and you can see all of her amazing creepy dolls and read their stories on her website. Ms. Kane has a great sense of humor and writes these amazing little stories about each of her creations. She also wrote a book that tells the story of her dolls called Tales of the Sisters Kane. She even produced a short film on one of her dolls called Callalilly which can be seen below. Do yourself a favor a check out this eerily peaceful little film. Scary daughter found it to be pretty scary. Each of her creations are original and one-of-a-kind and can be purchased at She also sells t-shirts and jewelry featuring photographs of her dolls. If you have an odd way of looking at life the way I do you will fall in love with the talent of this woman like I did.

One Response to “Christy Kane Dolls”

  1. melissa Says:

    very beutiful piece and i love morbid and beauty bad ass job look nice.

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