Caught in the Rain

Caught in the Rain costumeAs I have said I feel scary costumes are the best for Halloween. I do enjoy the occasional funny costume if it’s clever. This Caught in the Rain costume made me laugh out loud. In my book that means it passes the test. I would really like to see if it’s as funny in person, though. For some reason I am reminded of the costume that Daniel-Sahn wore in The Karate Kid. You remember that right? The Polkadot Shower? I loved that costume. It’s perfect for the shy person. I would imagine though that it would be kind of hard to get around in it. If I remember correctly Daniel-Sahn had a hard time going through doorways. That does bring up a good point though. Make sure you can get around in your costume easily. I’m sure a lot of you remember Donna’s mermaid costume in 90210. Nobody wants to spend their whole night not being able to move.

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