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Cleaver Purse

You know that fantasy of getting strip searched that everyone has? No? Um… I guess it’s just me. Anyway, next time your going through airport security on the way to some wonderful destination be sure to bring this Cleaver Purse. I will guarantee that you get a very special strip search. Trust me, it works. I mean I wouldn’t know from actual experience. I’ve just heard about it somewhere. You can buy yours here.


Leather Skull

Check out this awesome Leather Skull Purse! Too bad it’s not made from a cast of my own skull because then I could say I put my money where my mouth is. 😉

Designed and made by Etsy leather artist Brian Griffin. Find out more about this and other items here and here.


Coffin Boxes

A while back I found these Coffin Boxes and used them as gift bags for a party I had. I have used them since for many things, but I recently remembered a time from my childhood when I could have used them. As a child I hated Barbies and I still do. I kept getting them as gifts and would then find new and interesting ways to destroy them. Little Scary Jane soon found herself in a dilemma. How to hide the dead bodies from her parents when they were the ones who insisted she should like Barbies, like her sister.  I had been piling them up in shoeboxes, but I needed a more permanent solution. Being the odd child I was I decided I needed to at least give them a proper burial. What do you do when you have a bunch of dead Barbies to bury? At that time cool little Coffin Boxes were not available to me, so I tried to make my own to hold them, without much luck. I ended up burying them without boxes in the backyard. So, take it from me, if you have a Scary child of your own please don’t try to make them play with Barbies. They’ll just find ways to torture the poor things like I did. If you do at least have the decency to get them some of these Coffin Boxes. If you buy them in bulk you can even save money.

Coffin Calendar

Sexy Coffins calendar 2010I know it’s already the middle of January, but I have another calendar for you that I just couldn’t not talk about. Someone sent me the link to this site where they feature a Coffin Calendar. I believe the calendar is actually called Sexy Coffins Calendar. This calendar is created by Cisa, a funeral home and coffin factory based in Rome, Italy. I suppose it is a way to advertise their…uh…services. On the page you can look through the pictures featured each month. As I was looking through it I noticed something. Well, first off I should point out that each calendar features one or more scantily clad goth girls posing around coffins. Some of them are pretty cool and some of them just T&A crap. On closer inspection, though, you will notice that in every single picture they are using the exact same coffin. Huh? First of all the Calendar is called “Sexy Coffins”. So apparently either they carry only one coffin that they believe to be sexy or it is just a sexy goth girl calendar in disguise. Secondly, I understand putting the scantily clad women around the coffin, but if you are trying to promote your business wouldn’t it make more sense to show a different coffin in each picture? You too can own this calendar for the small price of $16.95, but if you were looking for a brochure from the company look elsewhere.

*Thanks Angelia for the link

Witch Boot

Witch Boot PincushionNow I don’t really like to sew, but this little Witch Boot Pincushion just might help me enjoy it more. I need something to help me enjoy it since I’m always having to fix some piece of clothing or another. I constantly put mending off until someone in my family finally starts yelling loud enough. Maybe they could fix their own clothes. Yeah! That might be asking a little too much from this lazy crowd I call a family. It doesn’t say what it’s made of, but it looks like the boot part is some kind of metal and it’s a good size at 11″ tall. Maybe if it’s heavy enough I can use it as a weapon against my family. Of course I would just use it to threaten, but they don’t know that. If it’s that time of the month anything could happen! As they know from past experience Scary Jane can go ape sh*t at the drop of a pin. However bad, pun was intended.

Custom Coffins

Coke coffinSaw coffin

When that time comes for you to go into the abyss do you really want just a plain old coffin? No? Do you want to go out in style? Maybe in something that shows off your hobby? Well, the Ga coffin carpenters of Ghana have the coffin for you.

In traditional Ga culture you are buried in a coffin that reflects how you earned your living and lived your life. Why stop there? Let your imagination go crazy. You could be buried in beer bottle shaped coffin, a teddy bear, a Mercedes or even a airplane shaped coffin. A 6′ Ga coffin starts at about $1500, so it’s really not a bad deal for one made just for you. They take about 3 months to make depending on the difficulty of the design, but totally worth it. If you have your heart set on it though you might want to order it now and use it as a coffee table or something until you need it.

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