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Creepy Wrapping Paper

I usually make my own creepy wrapping paper because it can be pretty hard to find. I did come across this book of creepy wrapping papers that measures 27″ x 18″ with all of the papers perforated for easy removal thats really cool and different. If you have a big gift though, I guess you’re shit out of luck. Get your wrapping book here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 3.18.15 PM


Because you have hours and hours of free time. If you just can’t live without it you can buy it here.


Skull Stationary

These days people write emails or text. They just don’t write letters anymore. It seems to be a lost art form. Once upon a time I just loved stationary. I spent entirely too much time and money in my local Hallmark. Over the years all of that stationary has been packed away and relegated to the attic never to be seen or heard from again. I recently got a bee up my butt and decided I wanted to do some letter writing again. As I was searching online for some cool new stationary, my super intelligent Scary Hubby asked, “What about all of that stationary in the attic?” Dumb ass. He just doesn’t get it. I ended up finding this fantastic black Skull Stationary Set on the Vivre site. Plain black with just the simple white skull. Perfect. It even comes with a silver pen because obviously my usual ink of choice, black, would not show up. One problem. It costs $120. Really?!? For 10 envelopes, a pad of paper and a pen? I mean it’s gorgeous, but I’m not convinced that it costs that much to produce. I know, quality paper… yada, yada, yada, but still not buying it. Literally or figuratively. I guess my search will continue on while Scary Hubby keeps mumbling about the box in the attic.

13th Street Stationary

A reader sent this in to me and I just had to share. 13th Street is a crime/horror station in Germany. Jacques Pense from the advertising agency Jung von Matt in Germany came up with this fantastic Zombie Stationary. I would like to see this in person. It seems to be very 3D. I absolutely love this and want it desperately. Unfortunately it seems that it is not available for sale since it’s their business stationary. Maybe I can think of some reason to write them and ask a question so they would write me back.

*Thanks to Kevin Green for the link.

Creepy Wrapping Paper

I know you guys will read this and start complaining that Christmas is over, but this little project can be adapted for any holiday, so just shut up and read. On Christmas Day a reader named Sara sent me an email with a picture attached. The picture was of a pile of gifts that had been wrapped in the coolest creepy wrapping paper I have ever seen. I then found out her husband actually hand made it. Apparently Sara is a huge fan of the presents in the Haunted Mansion when it’s all done up for the holidays like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ryan, her husband, took it upon himself to try and recreate the feeling and what you see at the right is the beautiful paper he came up with. All he did was buy some plain blood red wrapping paper and then draw webs on it with a black Sharpie. Tie it up with some black ribbon and you have an all occasion wrapping paper. How cheap and easy is that? I realize not everyone is an artist, but if you search around online there are many drawings available to inspire you and copy. If, however, you are as lazy as I have always suspected you are, you can click here and see a great example. Now you have no excuse to keep bugging me about the lack of good paper out there. You can just make it yourself!

*Thank you so much to Ryan Bray for creating this and Sara Bray for sharing it!

Goth Christmas Cards

Today is December 1st and that means that it’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about decorating, baking, wrapping presents and sending Christmas cards. I may be a scary chick, but I still love Christmas and all of it’s traditions. I just like it a little darker and quirky. Most years I make my Christmas cards because I just can’t find any that I like. You can only send out so many Edward Gorey Christmas cards before you get sick of it and want something different. As I was doing my searching this year I came across these Goth Christmas cards from Moonlake Designs. They are all designed by a graphic artist in Wales. They are fantastic! A little Christmas, a little dark and a little humor. Moonlake Designs are sold through Greeting Card Universe and cost $2.79 ea. Yes, I know, a little expensive if you are sending a lot of cards, but totally worth it. You have to cough it up if you want something a little unusual. They will even custom print your message on them. There are quite a few different styles including non-Christmas ones, so look around.

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