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Lego Skull

Lego SkullFor your viewing pleasure… a skull made out of Legos. How awesome is that? Now if I could just figure out how to make one.

Zombie Fluxx

Zombie Fluxx gameI come from a long line of game lovers. I grew up playing games with my family and friends and still do. We host game nights with our friends and every Sunday afternoon is game time in our house. One that we play regularly is the award winning game Fluxx. It’s a fun card game that’s easy to play anywhere since there is no board or money involved. I recently found out that there is a Zombie Fluxx version. How cool is that? I can’t believe we’ve been playing all this time and never knew. I have yet to get it, but I’m very curious about it and how the zombie theme changes the game. I would try to explain the game to you, but the goal and the rules of the game changes all the time and it’s one of those games you just have to jump in and play. From what I can understand there are weapons to kill the zombies with and your friends can become zombies. If anyone out there has played it email me or comment on this post and let me know what you think and if it’s worth getting.

Ghost Playing Cards

Bicycle DecksApparently I’ve been out of the loop on card games or should I say card decks. I’ve been playing with the same damn set of cards for the last 10 years. I had no idea that Bicycle offers all sorts of great theme card decks. As I was poking around on Amazon the other day I came across the Guardians deck. Totally cool, so I started looking around some more and OMG! so many neat sets. I was drooling. Literally. It always makes me so happy to see big companies do things with their products that are a little outside of the box. Some innovative person within their company thought that just making the same card deck in blue or red wasn’t enough. Why not branch out and make themed sets that will get people to buy even more sets of cards. I mean I know they were thinking how can we make more money. People play with the same cards forever, like me. I can’t fault them for wanting to make more money. Don’t we all? I just mean that they set out to see what people wanted. There are bunches of us “weirdos” out there and it’s nice to see them catering to us once in awhile too. We don’t all shop at J Crew. Anyway, got carried away. I was just going to point out my favorite of all of their special sets, which is the Black Ghost deck or maybe the Karnival Midnight is my favorite. They also make the Tragic Royalty deck, Karnival Assassin, Black Spider, Shadow Masters and many others that aren’t necessarily creepy just really cool. If only there was a vampire and a zombie deck then it would be perfect. Now go throw away that crappy deck you’ve been using for years and get yourself one of these creepy suckers.

Skull Bowling Ball

Skull Bowling BallYears ago I saw the movie Mystery Men and became obsessed. I absolutely loved the movie and still do. Janeane Garofalo plays the Bowler who uses her bowling ball as her weapon. The bowling ball that she uses supposedly has her father’s skull encased in it. After this movie came out many people became obsessed, like me, with owning a Skull Bowling Ball. Luckily a company started making them and I snatched one up. I love it to this day and constantly get compliments on it. I’m a sucky bowler and I don’t play very often, but when I show up with Henry, that’s what I named him, people get scared and think I must be amazing. Quickly they find out that is not the case. I’ve always wanted a backup one in case it gets stolen or something, but by the time I got around to that they were not making them anymore. You could only find them sporadically on eBay for big money. Well, after years of waiting my dreams have come true and they have rereleased it! Still can be hard to track down one because stores are often sold out, but you can usually special order it from any store that carries the Ebonite brand.

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