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How To Dance Goth

Many years ago, before I was married, I went to all of the local goth clubs and danced the night away while looking very cool. At least I thought I was cool. A reader sent this to me the other day just when I needed a good laugh. If only I had this video back in the day. I might have actually been as cool as I thought I was with these moves. Besides being an informative video it’s also hilarious. It’s set up to look and sound like one of those old educational hygiene films from the 50s. Check out my favorite which is lesson three on how to step over your dead friend.

* Thanks rosenz for the link!

Skull MP3 Player Belt Buckle

It’s a skull. No, it’s an MP3 player. No, I got it… it’s a belt buckle! Oh wait, it’s also an LED light. Oops, I almost missed it, but it’s also a frame? I guess it’s all of those things. It’s a Skull LED MP3 Belt Buckle. What were they thinking when they came up with this little gadget? Could they not decide what they wanted to make? I’m all for gadgets that do various things, but this is ridiculous. Kind of an odd idea, but it is pretty cool though. The skull is basically a big belt buckle. It opens up so you can put in the included MP3 player, the LED lights or anything of your own that you want to show off. It goes for $20.99. That’s a little more than $4 for each feature. What a deal!

Skull Earbuds

I was online shopping for a birthday present for my brother-in-law and got distracted as usual. Just show me anything shiny or scary and I’m off looking at other things. I ended up coming across these great skull earbuds. I followed the link only to discover that they were sold out. Of course, that just pissed me off and put me on a mission. After a lot of searching I found some even better ones over on These are not just skull earbuds, but Crystal Encrusted Skull Earbuds. The best part? They are only $24.99. Even if they don’t work that well who cares? They are shiny skulls and I’ll look awesome wearing them.

Skull Radio

Skull RadioIf you don’t know by now, I love skulls. I love anything with skulls on it, but apparently even I have my limits. I came across this Skull Radio and thought to myself that some things are just better left without a skull. This little plastic radio has a sound-activated skull that wags his jaw along to your favorite station and has light-up eyes. According to the website the push-button settings are “fun to use”. Really? I sincerely doubt that. I’ve never come across push-buttons that are anything more than functional. I don’t know. This just looks cheap and stupid to me. Not everything requires a skull perched on top of it. As a joke gift maybe, but that’s about it. Might explain why it’s marked down to $8.98 from $19.95. If you love it and can’t live without it wait a little longer and I’m sure the price will go down even more.

A Scary Little Christmas

A Scary Little Christmas CDAre you having a party on Christmas Eve? If you are then you need a Christmas album that will really set the mood. A Scary Little Christmas CD would even work well for a last minute stocking stuffer. When Grandma opens this up she’ll want to play it right away. You know how the older generation love their holiday classics. Unfortunately it might end up putting more of a chill in the air on an already cold day. Why wouldn’t you want to listen to a lovely Christmas album? Especially if it’s one that has a nice gothic twist. With songs like Frosty Gets a Tan, Wreck the Halls and Scare-ol of the Bells you know it will add that perfect scaryness to your holiday.

Skull Computer Speakers

Skull Computer SpeakersAre you into headbanger music? Are you a fan of the Headbanger’s Ball on MTV? Well, I’m not, but at one time when the original Headbanger’s Ball was on MTV I was. Now you can have computer speakers that will take your headbanging to a whole new level. These Skull Computer Speakers look like they have been headbanging a few too many times actually. Maybe you should give them a break, let them rest and only play Barry Manilow on them. Or maybe you should let your true nature show and put these two little guys in your cubicle at work. Be proud of your headbanging ways and wear your concert tees with pride in the office. No one will ever mistake you for that preppy prick in accounting again.

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