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Gothic Crib Set

Since I’ve clearly been on some kind of weird baby kick lately I figured I’d post this little item I’ve had sitting on my desktop for the last few years. I found this Gothic Baby Crib Set from Kustom Kids Bedding quite a while ago and I knew one day I’d write about it. First, though, I must point out how pissed off I am that this didn’t exist when Scary Daughter was a baby. I would just kill for the chance to decorate a nursery again. Not for the baby, I’ve had enough of that, but just for my own pleasure. I guess I always assumed we’d have another Scary Kid, so I could justify purchasing it, but we are just a one Scary Kid kinda family. Maybe I could buy it for that one day in the way way future that I’ll be a Scary Grandma Jane. Luckily Scary Daughter is taking after me and loves all things scary, so I think she’ll be good with that. Do you think it’s too early to shell out the $375 for my 9 year old’s future child? Probably. Make that hopefully!

Goth Pillows

I bet you guys didn’t know that in my house it’s Halloween every day? Okay, well maybe you did. Let’s just say that when I was decorating it I was inspired by The Addams Family. The TV show, not the movie. I always wished that it was in color though, so I could see what colors they used. What I wouldn’t do for some of the stuff from that set! Anyway, my colors ended up being mostly black and blue. Well, I found these great Goth Pillows online, but unfortunately they are in green and black. They were created by WebSpinstress and are just so deliciously creepy. Even though I would love to see them in blue and black I have a feeling they would not be as cool. The green satin has rips and holes in it like it’s old and worn. The whole effect has a zombie feel to it and I think that would be lost if it came in other colors. It does come in a copper color, but that doesn’t work as well for me. I’ll just have to buy them in green and find a way to fit them in. You can too for the low price of $49.99 for the set of two. There are only a limited number available, so hurry if you want them for yourself.

Skull Chair

You know those stupid white plastic chairs that everyone used to have out on their patios? They started out all pretty and white and then after one rain storm you ended up with a dirt puddle on the seat that was impossible to get clean. The next year you’d buy some more, since they were so cheap, and it would happen again. Year after year you’d do this until it finally got through your thick skull that they were crap. They even tried making them in dark green and other colors thinking that would hide the dirt puddle, but no still gross. A reader sent me the link to this awesome plastic Skull Chair. It’s actual name is “Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir” (Remember That You Will Die). Not sure how it gets that name. It appears to be a twist on the old crappy plastic chairs. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I looked they do not seem to be for sale or not yet anyway. I would actually buy this, but it would stay nicely inside where no dirt puddles could ever ruin it. I have a feeling this little guy is going to be expensive if it ever hits the market, so I’m not holding my breath. Anyway, this Skull Chair is going to be a part of  “New Wave, the new French domestic landscape” exhibition in the furniture fair in Milan at the Nouvelle Vague at the French Cultural Centrer – Palazzo Delle Stelline – Corso Magento 63 20123 Milan on 12 to 17 April 2011.

*Thanks Scott for the link!


Let’s face it, I am a little weird. Some would even say very weird. I collect unusual things, I dress weird and I decorate my house strangely. My favorite movie quote is, “I, myself, am strange and unusual.” Do you know what movie that’s from? It’s from Beetlejuice. Lydia says this when she is talking to the two ghostly inhabitants of her parent’s new house. I have always thought that it describes me perfectly. My extended family all find me rather odd and have never understood me. Once in a while I come across someone who is like minded and it helps me remember that there are many people out there like me. I have recently discovered a new show and it has quickly became my favorite. I’m actually surprised that it ever got on TV, considering it’s sometimes high ick factor. It’s called Oddities and it’s on the Discovery Science channel. It’s about an unusual antique store in New York called Obscura Antiques and Oddities. It follows the two owners as they deal with buying and selling strange old items. Anything from real skulls to old medical equipment to coffins. If it’s weird and old they probably have it or want to buy it. It’s a fascinating show and I highly recommend it to all of my strange and unusual friends.

Gothic Bed

French Gothic Iron BedWoo hoo!! It’s the first day of October and you know what that means… it’s almost Halloween!! Well, in my book it’s Halloween all month long. Actually it might just be all year long, but this is my favorite month of the year. I will be covering all things Halloween this month. From decorations to recipes to costumes. Not today though, because I just have to talk about this bed first. I have been waiting my whole life to find a bed that fit my personality and would look good in our house. I’ve searched in antique stores, online, department stores, garage sales etc. and never found anything until today. I was finally looking through my latest collection of catalogs and came across this French Gothic Iron Bed. It’s so gorgeous and exactly what I have been waiting for.  Now I just have to come up with an extra $3000. Anyone willing to chip in? Luckily Scary Husband agrees that it’s awesome, so hopefully that bad boy will be sitting in our bedroom soon. Until then I will tape the picture to our current bed and just pretend. This bed will look so good in my castle one day. You know the one, right? The $15 million dollar one for sale in Great Britain? I’m still $100,000 short, but almost there.


Panther Sofa

Panther SofaPanther SofaWhile I was away many people continued to email me scary things that they would come across. Thanks so much for sticking with me! For those that didn’t… well, they can just suck it!

My favorite thing that was forwarded to me was this Panther Sofa. It was designed by italian Master Craftsman Rodolfo Rocchetti of Tappezzeria Rocchetti. Check out his website for other odd pieces. I absolutely need this sofa! It’s so obnoxious and creepy. The only thing I would maybe change is instead of crushed velvet I’d want regular velvet. Don’t remember what that’s called, but you know what I mean. I do question the placement of the chain however. Are you supposed to sit on it, because having a chain up my butt is not what I am into. Not sure if it is removable or not. It might be handy if you need to detain someone though. For you animal lovers, don’t worry, no real panthers were used in the making of this sofa. I tried to find a price, but no luck. If one of you were to maybe buy this for me I might just be willing to rethink the chain up the butt scenario. Ewww… never mind.

* Thanks Becks123 for the link!

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