Skull ChairBat ApronI have found a new artist/designer that I am absolutely in love with. Her name is Georgina Brett Chinnery and the name of her company is Bombarock. Of course, as usual, the company is based in the UK where I am convinced all of the people with good taste or at least scary taste live. Ms. Chinnery started the company in 2006 as an upholstery and design business. Although now she mainly works in leather pieces she has some amazing fabric pieces that are just to die for. Bombarock produces anything from chairs to ironing board covers to aprons. Hard to narrow down what is my favorite, but the Bat Apron and the Skull Chair rank pretty high up there. I just love a designer that has some real style and originality.

2 Responses to “Bombarock”

  1. Brat Says:

    Found a link that made me think of you:

    Some creepy dolls, eh?

  2. amber Says:

    How do I buy one? I checked the website but it seems to be not working right…

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