Body Trash Bag

Bin Bear BagI saw this the other day and got extremely excited! Who knew there was a way to make even your trash scary? This is called the Bin Bag Bear which was designed by artist Shay Alkalay. Now I’m not sure that this was meant to be scary. Apparently it is supposed to look like a teddy bear. I choose to see something different. The first thing I thought of was how cool it would be to put one of these out on your curb the first time. Your garbage man might even do a double take. I know I would. Just think what stories the neighbors might start telling about you. Anything to further my reputation as the scary lady is fine by me. The only thing is I wish it came in a full human size. This way it looks like a small child, which even for me might just be too gruesome. I know. Surprisingly I do have my limits. I still want them though. Unfortunately I can not find them for sale anywhere.

One Response to “Body Trash Bag”

  1. scootiebee Says:

    I love this. It would make a great halloween decoration. Dress it up, paint it up, or just prop it up on the front porch, and frighten all the trick-or-treaters!

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