Bloody Tea

Bloody Tea SetWhere’s my bloody tea? Now when some Brit in a castle yells that out to a servant they can bring them their Bloody Tea set. Seriously. Wouldn’t that be cool for a servant to bring to some mean boss. Actually, if the servant was really upset with him they could bring a plain white tea set and a sharp knife and make their own. Since this does cost $500 that might be the cheaper choice. How many servants can afford to drop that much money on something to scare their boss with. Of course then you have to hide the evidence and make sure no other servants saw you. Then there is the matter of the police and of course they will eventually figure out that it was you, because everyone knows the butler did it. Best just to forget it. In the end it was just fun to think about, but not worth the jail time. Maybe just stick with putting hot sauce in his tea or something.

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