Bloody Shower Curtain and Rug

Bloody Shower Curtain and RugIs there anyone alive, besides children, who have not seen the famous shower scene in Psycho? Scary shower scenes have been repeated over and over in movies, in television and even a music video from, you guessed it, the 80s. It was a song from the one hit wonder Rockwell called Somebody’s Watching Me. One of my favorites. Of course you know that the late great Micheal Jackson did the backup vocals for that song, right? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. Just call me Useless Tidbit Jane. Here’s another one for you: I saw an interview once with Janet Leigh from Psycho and she said she would never take a shower again after seeing that scene. It wasn’t doing the scene that scared her, it was watching it afterwards. Anyway, for $14.99 and $17.99 you can have your own Bloody Shower Curtain and Rug too. Make sure to put them in a guest bath and then invite a bunch of people you don’t know over for a party.

2 Responses to “Bloody Shower Curtain and Rug”

  1. Anton Says:

    are these items for sale through your site? kinda confusing if this is available here… no buy it now or add to cart button.

  2. jane Says:

    No they are not, this is a blog. Click on the highlighted words to find the website that sells them.

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