Bloody Bookmark

Bloody BookmarkToday has been a very frustrating day and there are a few people that I wouldn’t mind taking out. You know those kind of days, don’t you? As I was searching for something to write about today I noticed there was a distinct slant to my searches. I started by searching on the word blood and it just went down hill from there. Of course, right off the bat, I found something I thought was so cool and proceeded to try and find out where it could be purchased. Not as easy as it sounds. A lot of companies use different names for the same product, so what could be called a bloody knife on one site is called halloween knife on another. Anyway, after more than a two hour exhaustive search online and on the phone I discovered that the item was discontinued. This just pissed me off. It happens a lot actually, but on days like this it really sends you over the edge. I won’t mention the item, because I don’t want you lusting after it like I am and then getting up in my face because I wrote about something that you can’t have. So, my search for blood continued and I came across this cool little item. Depending on what site you go to it can be called anywhere from Bloody Bookmark to Liquid Bookmark. For my purposes (and mood) I’m going with Bloody Bookmark. This bookmark is actually made in Japan from hand poured silicone, so no two are alike. Depending on which site you purchase from it also comes in a milk version (white) and mercury (dark grey). Can you guess my favorite? The Bloody Bookmark retails at $9.99 from, but other sites also sell it in a three piece set for $29. Just think of all the fun you could have with this. No one says it has to be used as a bookmark. If you plan on buying this though, be prepared for the dumbass jokes that will get repeated over and over. This bookmark can be especially dangerous if you are a woman reading in public. Every guy will think he’s being cute and original when he says, “Excuse me, but I believe your book is bleeding.”

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