Blood Vial Necklace

Blood Vial NecklaceNext time you’re taking a bite out of someone’s neck you might want to think about saving some of that blood. This Blood Vial Necklace could save you some trouble later. Say you’re going about your vampire business and just not finding anyone attractive to bite into. You’re starting to get a little peckish. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a little blood around your neck to hold off the hunger until you do find someone worth drinking?

You can also use this necklace to profess your love to a significant other. Remember when Billy Bob and Big Lips Magoo were married for a brief time and famously exchanged blood vials? Well, now you can be like them and do the same thing. I can’t say I want to be anything like them and have no desire to swap blood with my husband, but to each their own. It even comes in a little coffin shaped gift box. How cute is that?

2 Responses to “Blood Vial Necklace”

  1. jane Says:

    Oops! I forgot to give credit where credit is due. Shame on me. A special thanks to Rebecca for letting me know about this site.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Thanks, Jane! :-F

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