Blood Pillow

Blood Puddle PillowDo you like to play jokes on people? Do you have a sick mind like I do? If you can’t handle a little bit of fun in your day, then just go away and do not return to Scary Jane. You will not like it here. For those of you that stuck around, thank goodness you have a sense of humor. I just needed to clear out the riff raff. Anyway, is this the greatest pillow ever or what? This here is what you call a Blood Puddle Pillow. It was designed by Keetra Dixon and made of silk velvet and batting. Imagine the fun you could have with this thing. Plus you can get in a good nap, too. Of course the screams when people found you would obviously wake you up, so maybe it’s not good for a nap. Just one problem. Where do I get one?

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