Blood Energy Drink

Blood Energy DrinkWhat’s with all of the blood drinks lately? Apparently the world is obsessed with vampires. I’m not sure how I feel about the general public coming to the dark side. Sometimes when things go mainstrean it messes them up. I enjoy looking for scary things. I don’t want to go into Target to find my next blog item unless it’s in their Halloween section. Anyway, the latest drink to hit the shelves is Blood Energy Potion made by Mana and Health Energy Potion. This one they have tried to make as realistic as possible. Unfortunately I have yet to be blessed with a sample like the other Blood Drink I covered the other day. So there will be no review for this yet. It only comes in a fruit punch flavor. Though it contains no actual blood it does have the same color, look, and consistency of blood. As it says on the website, “Get real blood nutrients without that real blood taste!” The fun part is it comes in a re-sealable transfusion bag pouch. Unfortunately this will not be released until January of 2010. Bad luck if you wanted to make your vampire costume more authentic for Halloween. I will be putting in an order for mine at $5.99 each and plan to review it when I receive it next year.

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