Black Cats

Black Cats 2010 CalendarSince it’s a new year tomorrow I was thinking I needed a calendar. So, Scary Hubby and I went to Borders yesterday and I bought one for my office. Scary calendars are not always easy to find, but I did find a Black Cats Calendar that I loved. It made me think of my little Agatha who is going through the last stages of kidney failure. Scary Hubby said it made him too sad to have it in the house, but I said that it was in honor of her and we do have 2 other black cats in the house. Now I know there are people out there that get nervous around black cats especially if they cross their path, but I like to think of them as good luck. Our three black cats have brought us nothing but happiness and love. Anyway, it’s very rare to have an entirely black cat. Most of them have at least one white hair somewhere. So, if you are superstitious about it, just tell yourself that it’s probably not a solid black cat next time one crosses your path. Unless of course you are going under a ladder at the same time, then all bets are off.

One Response to “Black Cats”

  1. Angelia Says:

    I love that you defend black cats. At our local shelter, they always have a surplus of black cats since people are so superstitious — and it’s such a shame. I’ve never met a black cat that wasn’t affectionate and loveable. They totally deserve all the kudos they can get!

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