Black Cat T-shirt

The Black Cat T-ShirtIn honor of my sweet little black kitty, Agatha, who is passing away from kidney failure I thought I’d hunt down a black cat t-shirt. I always loved the Edgar Allan Poe story The Black Cat, but I am also a huge fan of The Black Cat (included in the Tales of Terror) movie with Vincent Price. Of course what happens to the cat in that story I do not wish for my girl. I found this great t-shirt based on The Black Cat story on a British site. I can’t seem to find it on this side of the pond, but I really like it and I might just order it. For those of you who can’t make out what the t-shirt reads, it’s a quote from the book: “I had walled the monster up within the tomb”/The Black Cat/Edgar Allan Poe. Very creepy, I must say.

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