Black Brocade Hamper

Black HamperI know that you are probably like me and just throw your clothes into the air when you change and could care less where they land. We justify our messiness by declaring that it’s part of our scaryness and that we are creative people who don’t need to worry about such trivial things. Well, lets face it. We are slobs. Of course we never had anywhere cool to put them, so why bother. All that’s really available are pastel colored plastic tubs and wicker baskets which may be perfect for the J.Crew drones, but certainly will not do for the scary minded. Now you sloppy people, myself included, have somewhere to throw our dirty clothes. Check out this Black Brocade Hamper for $19.95. I just love it! Promise me though, just because we start throwing our clothes into a hamper does not mean we have to start shopping at J. Crew.

One Response to “Black Brocade Hamper”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This tuff is so morbid and hideous. Why would anyone want to put this ugly stuff in thier house, maybe psycos or sick people.

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