Bitten Choker

Bitten ChokerI am a huge fan of chokers. Necklaces are nice, but there’s something about a choker especially a velvet choker that I just love. I am forever in search of the perfect vampire bite choker. In other words a choker that looks like a vampire took a bite out of your neck. I don’t know how or why I got so obsessed with this. Maybe it’s because there’s so many versions available out there, but none of them quite do it for me. It’s not like I have some secret desire to be bitten by a vampire or even become one. If they were real I would have absolutely no desire to be one. I once had a dream when I was much younger that I was just turned into a vampire. I woke up in a cold sweat and it took a few minutes for me to realize it wasn’t true. Up until that point I was just horrified at even the thought. Anyway, there I go rambling on again. I found this really cool Bitten Choker that I really like. Probably the coolest I have seen. Unfortunately I can only seem to find it in a UK store. I swear! They have the best stuff over there. It’s just not fair.

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  1. Laura Says:

    The Bitten Choker will be available in the U.S. It was just released by Alchemy Gothic jewelry (, then click on new releases). It was only posted to their site yesterday! It should be for sale through their U.S. shops very soon. Good luck!

  2. Brat Says:

    I wouldn’t wear it myself, and yet I really like how the red beads hanging down suggest drops of blood. Nice piece of arty jewelry!

    It reminds me of the guillotine parties where people wore red ribbons around their necks. If I remember right [and I may not be; alcohol may or may not be involved] the people at the parties had lost loved ones to the device.

  3. ceris Says:

    Looks like someone stuck some earrings on a piece of velvet. The necklace looks super easy to make.

  4. fliptrx Says:

    Just make one…!

  5. Alchemy Gothic Says:

    Also available in our store, worldwide delivery is not a problem 🙂

  6. Schatzee Says:

    The Pyramid Collection magazine/site sells as well.

  7. Qirien Says:

    Try this surprisingly realistic (and cheaper) one:

  8. blackmariah Says:

    There’s also this one:

  9. amber Says:

    it’s harder to make than you think, drop beads are really hard to find.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    why do you even want one people will think your freaky you belive in Vampires xD

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