Bite Ring

Adder Bite RingHello, my name is Jane and I have a ring fetish. I spend way too much time and money on rings. Some women love shoes, but that’s not my thing. Rings are what make my wallet quiver with delight. The weirder the ring the more I want it. I probably have more rings then I could wear in a year. That being said I must have this Adder Bite Ring. It’s handmade of antiqued pewter in England by the Alchemy Workshop and sells for $69.95. The snake just wraps around your index finger and sneaks across your knuckles to bite you on your wedding ring finger. What would be cool is if it would bite down harder when you tried to take it off. Then it would be the perfect wedding ring for that person that just isn’t quite sure about the whole thing and has a tendency to stray. Of course it could be used to fight off any potential suitors as well. Who needs brass knuckles when you have this thing on your hand?

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