I know I mostly cover scary things on this blog, but once in a while I come across something gross that’s worth talking about. Actually this is just beyond creepy and gives me the heebie jeebies. Artist Aganetha Dyck works with honeybees to create sculptural objects that end up coated and filled with precisely formed honeycomb structures. This just gives me the complete creeps. It reminds me of those old horror movies from the ’70s that were about killer bees taking over the world. Killer Bees, The Bees, The Swarm etc. I just remember in one of those movies somebody being found dead covered in honeycomb. That scared the crap out of me as a child and gave me nightmares for weeks. I really see no reason anyone would ever want to put this art on display, but maybe that’s just me. I swear I was just looking at the pictures again and my gag reflex kicked in. ICK!

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