Bat Lighting

Bat Pendant LightIn our new house I am not so happy with the lighting. We have slowly been replacing the lights as we find more funky and interesting ones. I have a large island in my kitchen where two very plain pendant lights hang over it. As I was looking around online I found the most perfect lighting ever! It is called a Sunset Pendant, though I have no idea why. Why not call it a Bat Pendant? I mean it does feature a very large bat on it! No reason to be logical I guess. You certainly wouldn’t want it to be easily found by the bat loving public such as myself would you? Anyway, they are so deliciously creepy that I went to click on ordering a pair and got the shock of my life! These amazingly cool light fixtures cost a whopping $1898.00 each! What the hell are they made of? I still covet them though. I wonder if I could talk Scary Hubby into spending that much. Probably not, but maybe just one for our entryway would do? Well, I’m off to grovel and beg…

2 Responses to “Bat Lighting”

  1. Brian Says:

    That is a beautiful piece, find a pewter smith to make one for less then $1898.00

  2. Annebelle Says:

    This looks very good!!! 🙂

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