Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair DayToday is about advice not a product. Have you ever gone to a new hairdresser to get your hair dyed and come out with the scariest thing you’ve ever seen? Well, I did. My regular hairdresser moved away and I had to find someone new. Never a fun thing to do. I’m very weird with my hair. I like to do funky things with it, so I need someone that’s not afraid of color. I usually have long black hair with colored highlights. This time I just wanted to redo what I had last time which was platinum highlights. I was in a hurry on Tuesday and thought I’d try one of the cheap chains (Fantastic Sams). MISTAKE! The guy could easily see what my hair should look like, he just needed to touch up the roots and freshen up the color. Easy, right? I came out with orange hair and three different shades of blond highlights! It was horrible, to say the least. I would post a picture, but even I don’t want to scare anyone that bad. I then got a recommendation from a friend and went to a professional salon to get it fixed today. It took three hours, but it now looks gorgeous again. You get what you pay for. Lesson learned. If I can get a decent picture of my fixed hair I will add it later.

3 Responses to “Bad Hair Day”

  1. Brat Says:

    In my long life I’ve learned one thing: NEVER let a hairdresser who is wearing a scarf touch your hair.

    Be rude if you must, but GTFO!

    If her hair is so bad she has to cover it, you can only guess what yours will look like.

  2. jane Says:

    But he wasn’t wearing a scarf! 😉

  3. Brat Says:

    Oh, I was just passing along a hard learned lesson… LOL

    Thank God hair grows out!

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