Baby Mold

Now I am not referring to mold that grows on a baby, but I am writing about a mold to make baby shaped items. I don’t know which is worse. Most creepy scary things I find I would love to have, but once in a while it’s just something too weird and disturbing. This silicone Baby Mold from First Impressions Molds is at the top of my list right now. You can make all sorts of stuff with it. Soap, candles, candy, chocolate, ice, bread(!), jello, clay etc. It measures about 2.5″ long, so it’s not something you just throw in your mouth. You have to pick an end to start with and my money is on avoiding the butt at all costs. Don’t you just want to run out and buy one, so you can start eating babies too?

3 Responses to “Baby Mold”

  1. Renan Says:

    Sharon Cline – Big fan of Sara & The Lady Jane and Jodi Photography. Add my favorite loihday into the recipe and a perfect day ensues! So happy that you featured Sara and her beloved shop in your blog. Thanks for giving us a glimpse inside The Lady Jane! <3

  2. Says:

    No thanks…I think I’ll pass this time.

    But holy crap, they have so many amazing things there! Thank you for turning me on to them. When I save up some money, I am going to make the most amazing candles!

  3. Ashley Says:

    I think this would be ok for a baby shower. Making candies and candles as party favors for baby showers.

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