Baby Head Candle Holder

Baby Head Candle HolderI saw these a long time ago and was so disturbed by them that I put them in my blog book to be posted later. Yesterday I received an email from a friend and something she said reminded me of these little guys and made me decide it was time. Don’t ask. Anyway, these little hand painted porcelain guys are actually called Little Joseph Candle Holders and were designed by czech designer Maxim Velcovsky for the Qubus Design Studio. They don’t come cheap at $100 each, but they do have a very high creepy factor. What I’d like to know is why designers seem so obsessed with baby body parts like these Baby Soap Hands that I also covered a while back. I just don’t know how I feel about hot wax dripping all over these baby heads. I find this to be just too weird.

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