Apple and Crossbones

Apple Skull and CrossbonesApple Skull and Crossbones 2Ahoy there, me hearties! I be a Mac. If you be a PC then walk the plank! Unless you are a semi-Mac and have an iPhone or iPod then you can stay. So, who doesn’t love pirates? Especially the good old Jolly Roger (skull and crossbones) flag or in this case they are called Jobby Roger in honor of Steve Jobs. Now you can turn your little Apple icon into a Apple and Crossbones! There is a small little site that makes a sticker crossbones to add to the bottom of your Apple symbol. They make a small selection of bones for the various Mac products in your life. For $2.50 plus $2 shipping you can get any one of the sizes. I have them for all of my Mac products!

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