Alien Butler

Alien ButlerRemember that time when you were out in that field late at night? You were finally getting it on with [insert lastest person of interest here]. You saw the bright lights, you were both scared. The aliens took you away, did their probing and without a thank you dropped you back in the middle of that field. You tried to report it, but no one believed you. You lost all your friends. You were ridiculed in public. This forced you to spend more and more time holed up in your house eating Doritos. Then one day you are poking around online and find this little guy. Finally it is time for your revenge. You can have this guy serve you drinks, those Doritos you can’t live without or anything you desire. And if you are feeling a little bit vengeful maybe a little probing to show him how it feels.

One Response to “Alien Butler”

  1. Ghoulfather Says:

    I Had a similar alien last year in my yard
    for Halloween.
    I think my Hill Billy neighbor stole it and did her Own probing with it.
    Poor thing, i feel sorry for it. 🙂

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