Blood Table

Blood TableI’m not sure if this is really creepy or just weird. You decide. A French artist by the name of John Nouanesing designed this table that he refers to as “Paint or die but love me”. I will refer to it as the Blood Table because that’s what it looks like. Unfortunately the website does not give much information about it. It is however only a conceptual design. If it was or ever will be real I’m sure it’s way beyond my pocketbook even if I did want it. Which I don’t. It is very interesting though. I wonder what it could be made of. I’d be afraid that the drips would break off. If it was tall enough I’d use it in my kitchen. That way if I cut my finger the blood wouldn’t show and it certainly wouldn’t stain if it was at all porous.

3 Responses to “Blood Table”

  1. Akasha Says:

    this is pretty awsome. do you know where i could get one???

  2. Ogaga Onowighose Says:

    Wow… this is so amazing ! i mean it looks real cool if i can have one of this blood table

  3. Amanda Says:

    loooooooove it!

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