Goth Christmas Ornaments

It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree. I’m not quite in the mood to celebrate yet, but I decided I needed some new ornaments. I didn’t feel like searching the usual stores. They rarely have much anyway. I ended up going to the hobby store with the intention of making some. I took a look around the Christmas section just in case. Sometimes I’ll start with a red ball ornament and add some black stuff to it or something like that. This time I was thrilled to see that they ended up having a few different black and red ornaments that made my little black heart sing. I pretty much cleared out the entire section since all of their ornaments were 50% off. They don’t have skulls, bats, ravens or anything else on them that I adore, but at least they have some in red and black. The store is called Hobby Lobby, but unfortunately I know that they are not in every state. They do have a website and I tried to find the ones shown on there, but all they have online are the stupid sports teams ornaments. Ugh! So, if you have a Hobby Lobby in your city run over there because they are on sale this week!

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