The Birds

Attack of the Birds costumeAs ususal I haven’t decided what to be for Halloween yet. It’s always a big ordeal for me because I want something scary, but not particularly gross. Many years ago when the show Roseanne was still on TV they did Halloween specials every year. Did you know that you can get the seven best of the Halloween specials on DVD? Anyway, I was always a huge fan of them and still watch them every October. In 1992 they did an episode about how Roseanne couldn’t get into the spirit of Halloween. The whole family continually tried to play jokes on her to no avail. Roseanne is then visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present and future and finally realizes how much she is needed on Halloween. The episode culminates in her showing up at the annual Halloween party dressed as the statue of liberty and setting off the fire sprinklers. Well, in this episode Darlene appears in one of my favorite costumes ever dressed as Tippi Hedren’s character from The Birds. For years I have wanted to recreate that costume, but never had the time. Now I can just buy it! I would have to add a pecked out eye or something, though. Maybe that’s what I’ll be for Halloween this year…

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