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Zombie Bunny Lollipops

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I can’t imagine wanting to lick a zombie bunny, but better to eat them before they eat you. Get your set of 4 here.


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Plants vs. Zombies Yahtzee

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My whole family is obsessed with Yahtzee and we play it almost every day, but no matter how much I like all things scary I just find this version weird. I guess it would be cool to have it on your shelf, but I’m not sure that you could get as much fun out of it. Who knows, though? Maybe I’d love it. It is pretty cute. Get yours here.


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Night Life Wallet

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If they are going to scare you with the prices, why not give them a scare when you pay for it? You can get this one plus many other styles from Sweetheartsinner on etsy here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 3.28.40 PM


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Scary Pillows

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Here are a few pillows that might make your house a little more scary friendly.

Found this one on ebay here. This is especially great for Halloween, but I would personally display it year round.

Or what about this one? Not sure I want to put my face on that. Would be fun for a guest room though. Found this one on Etsy here.

Zombie Pillow

Of course you could always make your own like this one from Love Bug Living that I found here. I think I may have a pillow lying around like that from another DIY project, but that was an accident. 😉

Bloody Pillow

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Brain Cupcakes

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When I was a kid we always colored eggs for Easter and built gingerbread houses for Christmas. I always thought we should do something special for Halloween. Halloween was not a big thing in our house and my parents were never interested in doing anything special. For many years my daughter and I have made cookies shaped like headstones, but this year we have something more fun planned. We are making Brains Cupcakes and maybe the Zombie Cupcakes that they also make. Come on people! Start a tradition with your kids and make something special so they will always remember that Halloween is so much cooler than Christmas and Easter. They are available at your nearest Cost Plus/World Market and here.


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Zombie Boogers

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Oh yum. I always wondered what a zombie booger would taste like. Well, not really, but I have heard that this stuff is pretty amazing. Here is the recipe if you want to try it out. Just make sure and send me some because I am way too lazy busy to make it myself.


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