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Onyx Stemware

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A couple of years ago I blogged about some gorgeous black stemware that became incredibly popular and quickly sold out. Whether or not it was because of me I’ll never know, but I continually get people asking me where they can get them. Unfortunately they were discontinued and I am always on the lookout for something comparable and I think these come pretty close. I would move fast though since they may just be available for the Halloween season. Order yours here.

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Skull Corkscrew

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I’m not a huge fan of the Day of the Dead sugar style skulls. The skulls end up looking too sweet (no pun intended). They always seem to be covered in bright pretty flowers and designs. Don’t get me wrong I understand why they look like that, but as a style it’s not my thing. My thing, if you haven’t already guessed, is being scary. You know, as in Scary Jane? Well, I guess more kinda creepy actually, but Creepy Jane didn’t have that same ring to it. Anyway, people call me Scary Jane, so it makes more sense. Now that we have that squared away you’ll understand why I am calling this ultra cool bottle opener a Skull Corkscrew instead of a Day of the Dead Corkscrew. I really like the way it looks, especially the arms and hands. Plus he seems more creepy than cute to me, so I’m going with it. Take it or leave it, but you can get your own here.


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Devil Woman Glass

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I see painted wine glasses everywhere, but they are always very cutesy and girly which I am decidedly not. I am a big wine drinker and would love to have a wine glass that is all mine, so trust me I’ve looked. Last week I received an email from a reader who just so happens to handpaint wine glasses and other items. I popped over to her Etsy site and low and behold I found this gorgeous glass and many others that I now covet. She even does custom orders! I absolutely love this one the best, except in my opinion it’s the wrong color. At least for yours truly. All of the orange parts should, of course, be in my favorite shade of blue which I have now decided to refer to as Scary Jane Blue. Well maybe she could look a little bit more like me too. Now if this talented artist named Jennifer Gerke were to, let’s say, create this for me I might just have to shell out the bucks and make it the official Scary Jane wine glass. How about it Ms. Jennifer? Get your custom wine glass or choose from the beautiful pieces she has already created here.




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Pure Evil

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Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock for quite some time because I completey missed this. I do like it under there, though. So dark and quiet. I might just head back there because it’s scary out here and not the good kind. Anyway, I was at the liquor store buying a gift for someone and I found this Pure Evil wine. I’ve never seen it before! Their slogan is “Perfectly Wrong”. Gotta love that. Should be my slogan. I did some research and found out that it came out in 2005. The winery that produces it has actually gone bankrupt, but it’s still available all over the place, so I’m not sure what’s up with that. I bought the chardonnay and it really tastes good. It gets great reviews online and it sells quite cheaply. I only paid $8.99. So go get a bottle and see what Pure Evil tastes like. I sound like a commercial. Yikes! Just try it already.

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Killibinbin CabernetKillibinbin Scaredy CatLast night Scary Hubby and I had a few friends over for game night. One of my good friends (now best friend) decided to bring me a bottle of wine she happened to come across that she knew I’d like. We have a great bunch of friends. They know what I like, so anything remotely scary is brought to the Scary Jane alter to be oo’d and ah’d over. Well, this time they struck gold. This is a wine from Australia called Killibinbin. They make quite a few different wines, but I received the Scaredy Cat Cabernet Malbec. What makes these wines so great, you ask impatiently? Well, my little pain in the ass, besides being fun to say they have really cool labels. They look like the old pulp mystery novel covers they had back in the day. This of course brings together three of my favorite things. Wine, books and scary stuff. I haven’t tried the wine yet, because the bottle is so neat, but I can imagine that I’ll love it no matter what just because of the presentation. I’m easy that way.

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Black Diamond Wine Glasses

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Black Wine GlassesI’ve always wanted black crystal wine glasses. The ones I usually find are quite boring with black stems or just plain glass with no ornament. I finally came across these great Black Diamond wine glasses. I found them at this really cheesy website called ABC Distributing, but they are really cool and better than anything I’ve seen. Trust me I’ve been looking for a long time.  They are really cheap at $10.95 for 4! Of course they are not crystal and actually just made of glass, but hey for that price who cares? Can’t you just picture me offering one of these glasses filled with blood to a new subject a la David in The Lost Boys?

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