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Horror at the Oscars

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I finally got around to watching the rest of the Oscars. I was out that night and only caught the big awards at the end. I had heard that there was finally a tribute to horror movies and I was anxious to see it. Now that I have seen it I have some complaints. First off why were Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart presenting this? I mean, really, are they today’s only answer to modern horror movies? I liked the movies, but they are pretty tame in the horror department. Why not have the queen of scream, Jamie Leigh Curtis or Mr. Nightmare himself Robert Englund?  Heck, why not Bruce Campbell? I know they wanted to pull in the viewers by getting the Twilight kids, but use them for something else. There were much better choices for this presentation. My other big beef with this was the opening statement that the Oscars had not honored a horror movie since The Exorcist, 37 years ago. Really? What about the numerous awards that have been given out since to horror movies for visual effects, sound, makeup, costumes etc. Do these not count? Tell that to the winners. So, if these don’t count, what about all of the awards given to Silence of the Lambs? Best actor, actress, picture, director, screenplay were all awarded to that which is much more than what was awarded to The Exorcist. They only received awards for sound and screenplay. I guess you could argue that Silence of the Lambs was not a full on horror film, but the Academy included it in the montage, so that argument goes out the window. Putting all of that aside, I was thrilled to see the Academy giving horror movies their due. You can’t deny that the general public loves horror movies and it was about time that they paid homage to that.

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Never Moon A Werewolf

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Never Moon A Werewolf T-ShirtToday’s T-Shirt Tuesday are words to live by. This Never Moon A Werewolf t-shirt basically points out that mooning a werewolf would not be a good idea. I mean everyone knows that a full moon brings out the werewolf in an infected person. Now of course I realize that the legend refers to the actual moon in the sky, but who knows? Do you really want to chance that just for a gag? This reminds me of something that happened to us last year. We were in England and we actually had a guy moon us while we sat and ate dinner on a patio. Two days later it happened again while we were walking on the beach and a week later it actually happened again. Crazy, right? Maybe they thought one of us was a werewolf and they were trying to catch us. We might have been, but quite a chance to take, don’t you think? Later we found out from a friend who lives there that it’s quite common to get mooned in England. Especially on the coast during festivals which is where we were. Too bad I wasn’t wearing this t-shirt then. Maybe they would have thought twice before they did it and we, including my 7 year old daughter, wouldn’t have been subjected to some random guy’s hairy ass. Just a thought.

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Last Look at a Scary Christmas

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Monster ChristmasWell, Christmas is officially over so I thought I’d leave it with one last image. I saw this picture quite a while ago and never got around to using it. It made me crack up when I saw it, so here it is for you as well. Can you imagine these guys showing up at your door to sing Christmas carols? I needed a little laugh today anyway. I was told by the vet today that one of my cats, Agatha, is dying from kidney failure. So forgive me if my posts lack a little something this week, but I’ll do my best.

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Werewolf Head

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Years ago I visited a restaurant in New York called the Jekyll & Hyde Club. I go back everytime I’m there. It’s my fav. If you haven’t been there it’s a theme restaurant, but one for the scary minded like myself. It’s Halloween year round, it’s a total tourist trap and I love it!. The food is okay, but you don’t go for the food. You go for the ambiance. It’s decorated like a haunted house with a different theme for each of the 4 floors. Throughout the day they do live shows on the main floor and it’s a riot. Well, anyway one time I was there I sat near the werewolf head and it taunted me throughout our meal. I absolutely loved this effect and have desperately tried to recreate it for the store without success. The problem is you have to have someone on the other side of the wall that can see who is in front of the head at all times. I can’t hire someone just for that! I’m still waiting for an animatronic one that will at least say some different things, but so far nothing. I found this website where you can build your own Werewolf Head that doesn’t talk pictured bottom right. The directions are so involved though. You would need to be an artist to pull this off or you could buy the Werewolf pictured below left and be done with it. It’s expensive, but I know I’d screw it up if I tried to make one. Instructables Werewolf HeadMOON BEAST PLAQUE

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