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Cobweb Leaded Glass

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Gorgeous Cobweb Stained Glass. This would be perfect all year round in my creepy house. Get yours here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 6.41.11 PM

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Creepy Wrapping Paper

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I know you guys will read this and start complaining that Christmas is over, but this little project can be adapted for any holiday, so just shut up and read. On Christmas Day a reader named Sara sent me an email with a picture attached. The picture was of a pile of gifts that had been wrapped in the coolest creepy wrapping paper I have ever seen. I then found out her husband actually hand made it. Apparently Sara is a huge fan of the presents in the Haunted Mansion when it’s all done up for the holidays like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ryan, her husband, took it upon himself to try and recreate the feeling and what you see at the right is the beautiful paper he came up with. All he did was buy some plain blood red wrapping paper and then draw webs on it with a black Sharpie. Tie it up with some black ribbon and you have an all occasion wrapping paper. How cheap and easy is that? I realize not everyone is an artist, but if you search around online there are many drawings available to inspire you and copy. If, however, you are as lazy as I have always suspected you are, you can click here and see a great example. Now you have no excuse to keep bugging me about the lack of good paper out there. You can just make it yourself!

*Thank you so much to Ryan Bray for creating this and Sara Bray for sharing it!

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Spiderweb 2 and Halloween Wrap Up

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StartingwebFinished webHalloween NightHalloween was a big success at our house this year. We had 164 trick-or-treaters which is more than we had last year. A lot of that is due to the fact that we live in a new area that is still being built up, so next year will be even more. As for the unofficial Neighborhood Decoration Competition that I mentioned last week, we won hands down. All is right with the world, though some neighbors swear to outdo us next year. Considering that we already have some great ideas, I doubt it. The spiderweb came out really well. People were totally freaked out at having to walk under it. As promised I took some pictures of it during the building, but unfortunately completely forgot to take a picture after the first step when I tied the three ropes together. You can get an idea of what it looked like by looking at the first picture. I started with a knot in the middle and slowly worked in a spiral until I reached the edges tying an overhand knot at each intersection. Getting the tensions just right was a little tough because I knew it would be a lot different once it got put in place. Using a overhand knot, though, allows you to slide it up and down on the basic structure to adjust it. The whole process including measuring time took about 4 hours, but it’s reusable which will make next year a lot easier. It went up into place quite easily, but the worst part was getting the spider positioned so it wouldn’t weigh down the web. Take a look at the pictures we took during the making of the web and the final product in place. Unfortunately the web doesn’t show up so well in the final picture, but it looked great and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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Spiderweb Choker

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Spiderweb ChokerThe victorians really knew how to design things. They really had a taste for the gothic. I have often thought that I was born during the wrong time, but then I think of not having movies/TV, indoor plumbing and many other every day conveniences and I rethink that. Anyway, I really like the style from that period. I don’t like plain things. I like things with character like little hidden faces carved into the arm of a chair. Those little things make me happy just like this Spiderweb necklace and earrings make me happy. Can’t you just picture yourself (or the woman in your life) in a long black velvet dress with this beautiful choker around her neck? Pale pasty white skin is a must to pull it off of course.

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Cobweb Under Glass

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Authentic CobwebI found one of the most unusual items today that I just couldn’t wait to share with you. It’s an Authentic Cobweb put under glass. Apparently someone finds and carefully removes them. Each one is unique and is documented as to the type of spider that created it and when and where it was found. It’s then put on black felt and a slightly domed glass is put over it to be preserved forever. Of course as usual it is only sold during the Halloween season, but they still have some left and they have also lowered the price to $79.99. Pretty steep, I know, but really incredible when you think about it. I mean you know when you buy it that it’s one of a kind. I wonder what you do with it though. Is there a way to hang it up or do you just put it on a table? It’s not that big at 7″, so I guess you could find a spot for it. I just feel kind of bad for the spider who went to all of that trouble to build his perfect home and then have it taken away.

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