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Voodoo Hex Flask

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I love vintage style advertising. Especially when it’s mixed with one of my passions. I admit it, I love the drink or zombie juice in this case. I am in no way an alcoholic since I don’t drink more than once a week, but when I do I want it to be the good stuff. Everything has to be top shelf and if I am out and about I would like to take it with me. I never really thought about having a flask before, but I just might have to give that some serious thought after seeing what artists Trixie & Milo create. They even have some great ones for the ladies. I had a hard time just picking one to put in the post. Check them out and buy one here.


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Voodoo Ritual Kit

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Voodoo Ritual Kit“Are you tired? Run-down? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular? The answer to all your problems is in this little bottle.” Well, maybe for Lucy, but not the modern woman or man. I love the Vitameatavegamin episode of I Love Lucy. For some reason I thought of it when I came across this Voodoo Ritual Kit. I know, strange connection. A reader actually sent me the link to this great Folk Art site and that was where I came across it. You can get them for all sorts of things like Love & Passion, Fertility and Get That Job, but the one that caught my eye was the Unhexing kit. That’s what made me think of the episode. Granted, I often find connections in my every day life to Lucy episodes, but that’s neither here nor there. I just thought that if you were feeling these things maybe you were hexed by someone and are finding you need to get yourself unhexed. So, maybe the answer to all of your problems are in this little box. For $59.00 (ouch!) you can once again be awake, alert, popular and ready to party. Well, if you have any money left afterwards, you might. The kit comes complete with instructions, coffin box, Voodoo doll, candle, potion oil, mini Gris-Gris (what’s that?),  parchment paper, and incense. It may do the same as Vitameatavegamin, but I wouldn’t get too excited about the drunk part unless you add some liquor to the kit.

*Thanks Rebecca for the link

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Voodooz Dolls

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Voodooz DollDo you have that family member that kinda gets on your nerves? The one you dread seeing every year, but you still have to buy a gift for. Well here’s the perfect gift. A Voodooz Doll! There are four different dolls available: Ezili, Uchawi, Baka and Kennis. Each little voodoo doll has an articulated internal skeleton and is approximately 10″ tall. It comes with voodoo pins, mojo bones, binding twine, a chicken foot and a journal. These are extremely popular little dolls and only a limited number were made. They can be hard to find. If they are no longer available at the above link look around on the internet. I have found them regularly on ebay. Just make sure you stick the pins in and curse it before you give it to them or they could use it on you!

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