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Dark Shadows

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I have been a huge fan of Dark Shadows and all of it’s incarnations since I discovered the original TV show in a Blockbuster back in college. I just discovered that it was available in a fantastic boxed coffin set now. I have no idea how I could have been so stupid and blind to have missed this release! Unfortunately for Scary Hubby this means I need to buy another set of Dark Shadows. Really though? How can you resist this set? If you are a like-minded individual and share my stupidity then you can buy yours here.


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Dracula’s Tomb?

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Back in June some researchers claimed to have located Vlad the Impaler (aka Dracula)’s final resting place. Of course then researchers began researching those researchers so they could poke holes in their story. It appears now that maybe they didn’t find it after all, but who knows? Read the article, do your own research and then you decide. You can start your research here.


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Bleeding Cookies

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I came across this recipe for Vampire cookies and now I just have to make them. Of course now I’m thinking I need to have someone over so I can serve them. Then that leads to the idea of throwing a vampire themed party which also leads to vampire themed decorations, costumes, invitations and of course other vampire themed foods. Wow. That’s just too much work. How about one of you making them and sending me a couple? You can get the recipe here.


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Red Fangs Light Fixture

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Want to set the mood for your next victim meal? Try this beautiful Dracena Lamp by Diego Chilò for Leucos lighting of Italy. If you happen to have about $2900 lying about then click here.


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