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Drifter Girls T-Shirt

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Just when you thought I was done with T-Shirt Tuesday it’s back. A reader sent me a link to this T-Shirt site called Akumu Ink. Akumu is Japanese for nightmare. Gotta love that! They have some amazingly unique T-Shirts with this Japanese horror pop vibe that is so hot right now. I fell in love with most of them, but this blood red Drifter Girls T-Shirt is my favorite. It has a scary whimsical feel to it that I am very attracted to. Plus, I look really hot in red I’m told. Check out their website here for all of their great designs.

*Thanks to Trisha for the link!

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Bitter Teeth

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For some reason I keep getting distracted by creepy skull cakes. Every single one I find is better than the last one. Well, at least that’s what I think. I promise this will be the last one for a long time. Unless, of course, I find a better one. I think that’s impossible, though. This has to be the best one. This particular one is based on a T-Shirt design on the website called “Bitter Teeth“. The t-shirt has a graphic of a melting chocolate skull on it. It was made by Chloe Bird for a yearly contest on Basically you submit a picture of a cake you made that turns the t-shirt graphic into an edible cake. It’s apparently a very popular contest, but since I can’t bake a cake to save my soul, I’d never heard of it. Don’t judge me. Anyway, this Bitter Teeth cake is just amazing and it’s completely edible! If you go to the detail page on about this cake she takes you through the whole process of making the cake with pictures and descriptions. This girl has a hell of a lot more patience than I do. Very impressive and I think it’s just a coincidence that it happens to look just like a certain melted face from a popular movie. A hundred points if you can guess what it is. The hundred points won’t get you anything, but you’ll have bragging rights. Not sure anybody would care though.

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Skull Candy Cane T-Shirt

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I remember when I was a little kid, every year I got a fancy new dress and a Christmas t-shirt that I could wear to school. I was not a frilly kind of girl, so I was not particularly thrilled to wear a ruffly dress. Of course, now that I have my own daughter what do I do? I make her wear a ruffly dress every Christmas. She hates them, just like I did, and I swore I would never do that. Amazing what happens when you grow up. I know now that I was forced into those dresses for my grandparent’s pleasure and that’s why I do it too. Anyway, back to what I was talking about. Just slap me when I go off topic. I wish that they made t-shirts like this Skull Candy Cane one when I was a kid. I was rather odd in general and would have loved this shirt back then. Well, now I can buy whatever I want to wear and I believe I will be choosing this one as my Christmas shirt this year. Now I just have to find my Christmas dress. Scary Daughter will be wearing the obligatory red poofy dress and I will be wearing something a la Morticia.

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undeadWe T-ShirtI was directed, by a reader, to this great t-shirt company called Chop Shop. They have some very fun and original designs, but the undeadWe is my favorite. Here’s a blurb from the page about it.

“We just put the final nail in the coffin of our Horror/Fantasy collection with our newest offering undeadWe; it packs in 51 zombies, ghosts, mummies, spirits and other boo-tiful members of the living dead. References range from television, film, video games, popular music, animation, literature, legend and another one from the breakfast table.”

If you want to see if you can figure out what each one is, check out their higher resolution version here. Don’t scroll down on the page or you’ll see the answers. I had so much fun trying to figure them all out. Unfortunately there were some I could not. So ladies if you don’t want everyone staring at your chest for long periods of time then don’t wear this shirt. If you do, then go ahead and stick those babies out. Just remember it may not be your assets the guys are looking at.

* Thanks Susan for the link!

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Alien Prankster

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Prankster T-ShirtIt’s T-Shirt Tuesday and today I went with something that was more funny than scary. It just made me laugh when I saw it. This Prankster T-Shirt comes from the crazy minds over at I love their imagination and originality. The really neat thing about this company though, is that you can vote on designs for future t-shirts. How awesome is that?

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Chocolate Skull

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Chocolate Skull T-ShirtIt’s T-Shirt Tuesday again and here’s this weeks installment. This is a Chocolate Skull T-Shirt. It’s even melting which I think makes it look even more scary. I personally love dark chocolate and I think this would look more appetizing to me if it was made out of that. It may supposed to be made out of milk chocolate, but I think it looks like something else. If you don’t know what I mean take another look at it and if you still don’t see it obviously your brain is not as sick as mine.

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