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Skeleton Beach Towel

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I was just thinking to myself the other day that I really needed a two headed skeleton towel and lo and behold I got an a email from a reader telling me about this one. How lucky is that? He just read my mind. Whew! Another crisis averted thanks to my my faithful readers. If you are going through a similar crisis go here.

* Thanks Gary W. for saving me from a fate worse than death. 😉


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Skull Towels

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I’m always looking for things to have in my house that don’t automatically scream Halloween, but is still scary and creepy. I think I can check off Skull Kitchen Towels now. These black towels are embroidered with a dark purple skull damask design and made by Fabulously Fierce on Etsy. I absolutely love this towel, but I would love it even more if the embroidery was a dark royal blue. I wonder if she’ll do custom? Yup! She says it right there in the description.They are a little pricey at $12 for one towel, but you have to keep in mind that they are made by one person trying to make a living, not a big corporation. Oh and they’re gorgeous too.

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Skull Towel Holder

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Skull Towel Holder 2Skull Towel HolderSpeaking of skulls, here’s a good one for you if you have a skull fetish. A skull towel holder! It’s only $19.99, so get out your wallet and order it. Made of cold cast resin, its 12 1/2 inches high, 6 3/4 inches wide and 2 inches deep. How cool is that? You could put it in your bathroom to match the skull toilet brush that you bought. Which you did if you were a good follower. There is even a skull toilet paper holder available if you feel the need to really let loose on your skull love. Be careful though, you wouldn’t want anyone to think you lost your head. Yeah, I know.

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