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Skull Clock

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I have been coveting this Skull Clock ever since I saw it about a month ago at Z Gallerie. I’m not quite sure why I haven’t bought it yet. It’s well priced and it looks so cool, so what’s up? I do have an admitted obsession with clocks, so I do have a lot of them. I even have some skull themed ones, but nothing like this one. I think my problem may be that it doesn’t chime in any way. I like clocks that chime and I like to make sure they all go off at the same time. For some reason this makes me very happy. The husband and the daughter though, not so much. That’s a story for another day. Anyway, I guess I look at this one and it feels to me like it should make a noise. Does that sound crazy? Well, crazy for me? I know I had better get to it if I’m going to buy it because I’m sure it’ll be sold out soon. Maybe I’ll go look at it again tomorrow? Oh well…if you don’t need it to chime then buy yours here.


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Zombie Time

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Not much available in the scary alarm clock scene. I did find this Zombie Clock here which is pretty cool. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that adorable face every morning? Too bad, though, it’s not an alarm clock just a regular clock. How cool would it be to have a zombie waking you up every morning screaming “Braaaaiiiiiinnns”? Come on people, do I have to think of everything? Just sayin’.


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Melting Clock

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I know I just blogged about another melting clock, but I also came across this one that I actually like better. This Melting Clock looks more deformed and creepy. Almost like something out of a twisted Alice in Wonderland or even something you might find in the Disney Haunted Mansion ride. I know corny, right? I don’t care though. I love that ride. I can never get enough of it. Anyway, you can buy your very own Melting Clock for $63 here.


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Melt In Your Hand Clock

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I absolutely love this clock. It’s so, I don’t know, creepy? freaky? cool? It’s just awesome. Why not call it Time On Your Hands though? Or Time Is Slipping Away? Oh well, no matter. I need it, want it and must have it. You can buy it over at Jacks Threads here, but you have to be a member of the site. Totally stupid. Isn’t it enough that we give them money?


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Spider Watch Lapel Pin

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Call me crazy, but if I look down at my chest or anywhere for that matter and see a spider I have a tendency to freak out. Don’t get me wrong I’m a proper scary girl and I love spiders, but I tend to like my spiders on the dead side or at least in a container of some sort. This Spider Watch Lapel Pin is gorgeous, but it might take me a little while to remember not to squash it when I happened to see it resting there on my chest. It was designed by artist Daniel Proulx and you can check out this and other unusual pieces in his etsy shop here.


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Skull Clock

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Usually when it’s time for me to write a post I go to my handy dandy Booky Book. What’s a Booky Book you ask? Well, it’s basically my idea list for posts. I spend a ridiculous amount of time surfing the web and when I see something or someone sends me a link it goes in the Booky Book. Usually I just open it randomly and find something to write about right away. Today I couldn’t find it and out of just plain laziness I googled the word skull and eventually came across this Skull Clock. I covet this clock and at $34.95 it’s a no-brainer. That rarely seems to happen to me. No matter how much I love it though, I find myself wishing it were a little different. Maybe instead of the mouth opening up to reveal the clock the mouth could just open by itself to tell me the time. Though that’s probably just my laziness again. It would be especially cool if it had the voice of the Cryptkeeper. Oh how I miss that little guy.

* R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Without you much of what I do would not be possible.

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