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Skull Friendship Bracelet

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I just love it when you guys send me links to cool stuff you’ve found on the internet. Luckily there is so much neat stuff available out there, but it does make it impossible for me to find everything. This time around I was sent a link to this fantastic Skull Friendship Bracelet made by Links of London. I remember making Friendship Bracelets in high school with embroidery thread. This one is made with copper colored silk thread and sterling silver skull beads and sells for a cool $195. I really love it, though I think it would be much prettier in black silk. Somehow I don’t think the ones we made back then would have sold for that much. That has to be a really, really good friend for me to spend that much on a friendship bracelet. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that good of a friend, but if you buy it for me I’ll be your new bestie.

* Thanks SMEden for the link!

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