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Another Spider Tattoo

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Spider TattooYuck! Too scary for me. Don’t know if this is real, but here it is anyway. Can you imagine standing behind her in line? It looks so real, that I’m sure someone falls for it and tells her she has a spider on her neck. I must admit though that it is very well done.

*Thanks Lisa for the photo and thanks for the creepy crawlies that I now have!

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3-D Spider

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Spider tattooFor your creepy enjoyment (or not) I present you with this yucky spider tattoo. It looks a little fake to me. It’s just a little too perfect. I can’t seem to find the origin of this picture, so I just have to assume that it’s real. Either way… ICK!!

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Tooth Tattoos

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Tooth TattoosThis is not so much scary as just weird. I understand people wanting tattoos. It shows off your personality or what you care about, but this is just plain strange in my book. A dental lab in Salt Lake City called Heward Dental Lab will tattoo any image onto your crown or bridge. Prices range between $70 and $250 depending on the complexity. My question is what’s the point? No one can see it. I guess you could open your mouth really wide and pull your cheek out and you are also giving your dentist something interesting to look at. Beyond that though, I don’t know. It’s a lot of money to spend when no one is going to see it. I know people put tattoos in strange places and on their nether regions, but then at least someone is seeing it. Well, I assume, anyway. If you are really into looking creepy putting a skull on your front tooth might be pretty cool, but I get the impression from the website that they mostly do inside the mouth. I think I’ll stick with the more standard body parts, thank you.

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Camille Rose Garcia

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As I have stated before, I am not a fan of wallpaper. Wallpaper is a PAIN to remove when you get tired of it, so I swore off wallpaper years ago. Of course ever since I said that I keep finding more and more wallpaper that I want. Must control myself and not get any…ever. Well maybe this one. Camille Rose Garcia is an amazing artist that creates the most visually creepy and amazing images. Ms. Garcia creates everything from paintings to dolls to books. She has fans out there that are devoted to her unusual art and create amazing tattoos from it. She even created the cool wallpaper on the left, but at about $200 a roll maybe I will have to settle for one of her prints…or not. They start at $400. Maybe she makes coasters?Camille Rose Garcia ArtworkCamille Rose Garcia Wallpaper

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The Pierced Wonder

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Pierced ManI’m not sure what to say about this guy. A reader sent this in to me, but I just can’t find where it came from originally. I have no problem with a few piercings, but I just look at this guy and think “ow!”. I wonder what would make you get so many piercings. I think maybe after the 25th piercing his brain started leaking out and he thought it was a good idea to keep going. What other reason could there possibly be?  Where in the world does this man work? I would assume he works from home because I can’t imagine too many people wanting to look at him day in and day out. Thanks Nerdygirl for sending this in. Keep sending these great photos in people because they are just a hoot!

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Zippered Skull

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I am not in general a huge tattoo kinda girl. I like one or two on a person, but that’s about it. I do come across interesting ones now and then however. This one was sent in to me by 9021hell and I thought I’d share. Apparently he found it online. I have no idea where it came from or who’s tattoo it is, so I’ll let it stand on it’s own. You have to admit it’s pretty cool. Plus, since I’m pretty sick today (not the swine flu people) I thought this would be an easy post.

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