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Doll Head Nightlight

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I know when I wake up in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom I need a nightlight so it’s not so scary. I’m sure this Doll Head Lamp will solve that right? That couldn’t possibly achieve the opposite, could it? If you want to wake up to a devil doll head you can buy yours from HeamarKat on Etsy here.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 9.18.55 PM

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Squiddy Table

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This here is what they call a Squiddy Table because the legs look like they belong to a sea squid. Is it just me or is squiddy just an awesome word? It just sounds cool. These tables, which are available in different designs are made from Alder wood and run anywhere from $500 – $800. Yikes! So worth it though just to be able to say you own something called a squiddy. Find out more here.


Squiddy Table

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Crystal Skull Candle

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We are getting dangerously close to Halloween and nothing could make me happier. As usual we will have our annual Halloween party and I am already in planning mode. I usually have all of the food set up on 2 huge tables and I like to decorate them a lot. I am always looking for something that I’ve never seen before to make it different each year. Well, along comes an email today pointing me towards this fantastic Crystal Skull Candle. I fell in love immediately and decided right away that 2 of them would be perfect to add to my candle collection on the tables. That is until I saw the price. No way am I spending $150 per candle for something that is burned down in one night! Why does this always happen to me? I find the perfect thing and then end up having to find something that will do. Maybe I’ll buy a couple of black candles and some crystals and see if I can’t recreate them. Won’t look anywhere near as good, but it’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper.

*Thanks to Katie for directing me to this. Now if only she would point me to a cheaper version.

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Skull Teapot

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Do you remember those dishes your grandmother always pulled out at the holidays? You know the ones. They were always white or cream in color and covered in flowers. I always remember doing the dishes and having to hand wash them because they weren’t dishwasher safe. Ugh. Why did they invent dishwashers if you can’t put all your dishes in them? Why do they make dishes now that are not dishwasher safe? Makes no sense. I can understand the dishes made before the invention of the dishwasher, but now there is just no excuse. Anyway, I now have those dishes and I am turning into my grandmother. Every Christmas and Easter they come out and I kind of feel sorry for Scary Daughter because now she gets to help me hand wash them. Mine are actually quite beautiful and are white with blue flowers. Today I came across this Skull Teapot that I desperately want. It was designed by Trevor Jackson, a Seattle based artist, and can be had for a paltry $1200. It would match my dishes very nicely and I’m sure it needs to be hand washed at that price. It may cause a stir when the extended Scary Family see it which is always fun. My Grandmother may just turn over in her grave, but that’s okay since she’s probably sick of lying on her back by now anyway.

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Spider Table

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Spider TableI am not normally a fan of glass tables. I find them to be too contemporary for my taste and a pain in the ass to clean. Once in a while though, I find a table like this Spider Table that changes my mind and makes me rethink my personal style. I think this table is deliciously creepy. I’ve been obsessed with spiders lately, so I keep searching them out online. I think this might just creep me out too much to have it in my house, but it’s still totally cool. I think it would make me have nightmares about giant spiders chasing me like in those old movies. This particular table was designed by Judy Kensley McKie and is made from steel and glass. Unfortunately it is a one of kind, so don’t get too attached.

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Skull Swizzle Sticks

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Skull Swizzle SticksBeing a lover of all things alcohol I am always on the lookout for scary bar accessories to add to my collection. Here are some fantastic skull swizzle sticks that will fit right in. They were apparently released only for the Halloween season, but you can still buy them. This always pisses me off! Don’t they realize how many people out there love this kind of stuff? And not just at Halloween? Skulls are so popular now. You can buy practically anything with a skull on it at Kmart or Target nowadays. Not that I’m particularly thrilled about that, but that’s another story. It just always makes me mad when I find some cool thing on the internet and I can’t buy it because it’s not Halloween anymore. I spend so much money during Halloween on every day stuff for my house. When will they learn? Anyway, if you like these you might want to snap them up because it’s only while their supply lasts.

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