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11 Scary Clowns

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11 Scary Clowns T-ShirtI know I have already made my dislike for clowns known, but here is a t-shirt that just scares the crap out of me. I know I love scary things, but clowns are just that one step too far into crazy town. I know some of you don’t mind a trip into downtown crazy town, so this 11 Scary Clowns T-Shirt was made just for you. Just promise me you won’t wear it if we ever meet, unless you want to me to run away from you.

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Scary Smurf

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Scary_Smurf_T-ShirtHere’s a t-shirt that made me laugh as soon as I laid eyes on it. This is the Scary Smurf t-shirt. What is he? A mummy? A zombie? I’ll go for the zombie. Now, I was never a fan of the Smurfs. Even though blue is my favorite color the Smurfs were just too cutesy for me. This t-shirt puts the the edge in Smurf Village that it needed. Just imagine this Zombie Smurf going through Smurf Village eating all of the irritatingly sweet Smurfs. Now that’s a show I could get into.

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Raven Lunatic

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Raven Lunatic t-shirtSo, I came across this Raven Lunatic t-shirt a while ago and kept putting off writing about it. Why, you ask? Well, for some reason I just don’t have anything to say about it. I really like it and love the reactions when I wear it, but for once I have nothing to write. I know, who’d a thought it was possible. Scary Hubby wonders sometimes if there is anything in this world that I don’t have a lot to say about. Well, here it is. For some reason it leaves me tongue tied and speechless. Obviously I could make some witty remark about Edgar Allan Poe, but that just makes me think of my cat Edgar and then that in turn makes me think of his sister Agatha and then I can’t get my brain to work. I thought it was the perfect one to post today since I don’t have anything to say about anything. My whole focus is on my sweet kitty Agatha at the moment who appears to have let us know that it is time. If you’ve been keeping up with my posts then you’ll know what that means. If you haven’t, well WTF?

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Black Cat T-shirt

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The Black Cat T-ShirtIn honor of my sweet little black kitty, Agatha, who is passing away from kidney failure I thought I’d hunt down a black cat t-shirt. I always loved the Edgar Allan Poe story The Black Cat, but I am also a huge fan of The Black Cat (included in the Tales of Terror) movie with Vincent Price. Of course what happens to the cat in that story I do not wish for my girl. I found this great t-shirt based on The Black Cat story on a British site. I can’t seem to find it on this side of the pond, but I really like it and I might just order it. For those of you who can’t make out what the t-shirt reads, it’s a quote from the book: “I had walled the monster up within the tomb”/The Black Cat/Edgar Allan Poe. Very creepy, I must say.

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Scary Sweater

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Christmas SweaterI know it’s T-Shirt Tuesday, but considering that it’s the holiday season I’m going to show you something different. Every year the women in my family pull out their holiday sweaters for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Every year I get more and more frightened. I live in absolute terror that Scary daughter will one day pick up on this tradition and declare she wants one. So far so good, but she’s only seven and Grandmas have a way of getting what they want. I have obviously resisted this horrible tradition and am constantly told that I have no holiday spirit. In my world wearing a sweater with a jumbo rudolph that has a red cottonball for a nose on it means you are insane, not that you have holiday spirit. This year I thought I’d pin a picture of some ugly sweater to my shirt and maybe that would make them happy. Here is the Christmas Sweater I decided on. You can actually buy this for the low cost of $69.00. It’s just not Christmas without sequins, fur and jewels on your clothing.

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Little Scary Doll T-Shirt

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Little Scary Doll t-shirtHere it is T-shirt Tuesday again. I have a great little t-shirt for you today. It’s called the Little Scary Doll and I think that’s the perfect name. She’s actually adorable, but very sinister looking. She has an Asian feel to her that I really like. Kind of scary anime which is different. Actually she looks like an anime vampire! It might look strange for a guy to wear, but us girls will find it totally adorable and creepy. The nice thing about this shirt is you can pick from a huge range of t-shirt colors to put her on. I love when they do that. I tend to want everything in black, but I think for her it might have to be a different color.

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