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T-Shirt Tuesday

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I haven’t done a T-Shirt Tuesday in a long time because, well frankly, I don’t see too many that tickle my scary bone anymore. This one made me laugh out loud, so it was worth a post. Just throw it on next time a guy pisses you off and maybe, just maybe, he’ll be a little nicer next time. Get yours here.


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Mummy To Be

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I’m not a big fan of cutesy in general. I especially hate t-shirts that say Baby with an arrow pointed down, Bun in the Oven etc. I mean I guess it helps those idiots you run into figure out that you’re not just fat, but that there is something else going on in there. This t-shirt actually makes me want to be pregnant just so I can wear it. Actually, no it doesn’t. Nothing does, but hey it’s funny right? Buy yours here, but only if you’re pregnant otherwise it’s just weird.


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Skeleton Apron

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You know those stupid t-shirts they sell in beach towns? You know, the ones where it shows the┬ásexy girl/guy in a bathing suit and their bodies are perfect? I hate those! Especially since the people I see wearing them are always old fat people. Apparently when you hit the AARP years it’s standard attire while visiting a resort. I guess I probably thought it was funny the first time I saw it. This Skeleton Apron reminded me of those t-shirts, but so much better. These aprons are the creepy, cooler version. I would never be attracted to someone wearing one of those t-shirts, but if you wore this apron I might just jump your bones.

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