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Coffin Soap

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I’ve been on a soap kick lately. Actually more of a bath products kick. Ever since I was visiting Texas and went to a store in Dallas called Bath Junkie a couple of weeks ago. You can actually scent and color your own bath products! I had so much fun creating and discovering my own personal scent. The only down side? They didn’t have any red colorant. Unfortunately all of the colors were pretty pale and cutesy. My master bathroom is made up of browns, blacks and deep reds, so I ended up going with the kind of khaki color they had. I’m not particularly wild about their logo either come to think about it. I would have preferred something vintage looking, but that’s just me. I just wish there was a franchise near me. Anyway, I started looking around for some fun scary soap options and came across this Coffin Soap. Absolutely love it. It’s a little pricey at $5.75 a bar, but it would be more for display anyway. I could make a little soap graveyard display for my bathroom! It’s scented with their own Wicked Witch’s Brew fragrance, but you can also request something different. The only thing is… What does it say? Every time I study the picture I think it says something different. I know, I could just email them and ask, but I’m too lazy and what would be the fun in that? Let me know if you can figure it out.

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Skeleton Hand Drink Dispenser

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As always I’m on the lookout for cool and interesting items for our annual Halloween party. I especially like things that are good quality so I can use them again and again. A lot of Halloween party items are just not meant to hold up after one night. It’s for this reason that I search out the higher end stores instead of Target, Party City etc. Every year I make the pilgrimage to Pottery Barn. I’m not a fan of their stuff in general, but they usually have a good Halloween collection every year. I stopped in last weekend to see what they had and once again found something I couldn’t resist. That is until I read the fine print. I absolutely coveted this Skeleton Hand Drink Dispenser as soon as I saw it. I looked at the price and saw it was $79. A little expensive, but it seemed to be well made and would hold up year to year, so I went for it. It was so cool with the metal skeleton hands holding the glass dispenser. As I was picking it up to take to the counter I noticed that there was another box to the set. I went to grab it and noticed it was priced at $69. WTF? I asked the oh-so entitled bitch at the counter and was condescendingly told that the glass jar and the stand were sold separately of course. Really?!? When you display them together and only put one price tag on them what do you expect customers to think? What in the world would I want just the stand for? It’s cool looking, but what the hell would I use it for? Especially for $69. I just walked out. The sales girl was rude and and idiot. Couple that with the fact that the powers that be at Pottery Barn would price something that way, I just don’t need to shop there ever again. They won’t miss my business that much, but I really wanted that thing. I still probably would have bought it if it had been priced correctly as a set to begin with. I’m tempted to go back to that bitch and buy that skeleton stand anyway. I can think of one place I could put it.

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Let’s face it, I am a little weird. Some would even say very weird. I collect unusual things, I dress weird and I decorate my house strangely. My favorite movie quote is, “I, myself, am strange and unusual.” Do you know what movie that’s from? It’s from Beetlejuice. Lydia says this when she is talking to the two ghostly inhabitants of her parent’s new house. I have always thought that it describes me perfectly. My extended family all find me rather odd and have never understood me. Once in a while I come across someone who is like minded and it helps me remember that there are many people out there like me. I have recently discovered a new show and it has quickly became my favorite. I’m actually surprised that it ever got on TV, considering it’s sometimes high ick factor. It’s called Oddities and it’s on the Discovery Science channel. It’s about an unusual antique store in New York called Obscura Antiques and Oddities. It follows the two owners as they deal with buying and selling strange old items. Anything from real skulls to old medical equipment to coffins. If it’s weird and old they probably have it or want to buy it. It’s a fascinating show and I highly recommend it to all of my strange and unusual friends.

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