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Spider Earrings

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Are you kind of tired of the cutesy plastic spider earrings that you can buy around Halloween? Why not go for the real thing and get actual spiders encased in resin? Much better in my opinion. Check out these great ones from Morbid Attraction on Etsy here.


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Spider Crossing

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I have never and will never hide my hatred of live spiders. I love fake ones though and have them all over the house in surprising places. Once in a while I catch a real one and throw it right outside on its butt. I don’t like killing them, I just don’t want them in my house. I really like this Spider Crossing sign, but I have no idea what I’d do with it since I don’t allow them in the house. It would seem kind of stupid to hang up a Spider Crossing sign when there should not be any there to begin with. I would prefer a NO Spider Crossing sign personally.

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Lovely (Ugly) Bones Lace Headband

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You know how much I love skeletons, right? Up until now I thought everything would look much better if it had a skull or even a skeleton on it. That is until I saw this Lovely Bones Lace Headband. I’m not usually a headband kind of girl. I tend to let my long hair hang loose on most days, but I’ll put it in braids or even up on a hot day. Never a headband. They are just too itchy. I do enjoy the funny ones on holidays or for costumes, but it pretty much ends there. This particular one… well, I just don’t know what to say about it. It looks stupid for one thing. If you took the little skeleton off it would be actually quite pretty. Apparently when the designer (an idiot IMO) put all of the black ribbon, lace and feathers together she/he thought it needed a little something else to creep it up a bit. A blood red rose maybe? Nah. Oh wait, what about a spider? No, not enough pizazz. I know! Let’s slap a tiny plastic skeleton right in the middle of it! Sure, that makes total sense. I mean who wouldn’t be creeped out by a real live tiny skeleton on someone’s head? Perfect! Now, let’s charge $39.95 for it and it’ll fly off the shelves. We’ll be rich in no time. Great plan asshole.

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Glass Spider

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I don’t really like spiders. I’m actually terrified of them. For that reason I really like collecting them. Not real ones mind you, but figurines, pictures etc. Spiders are very beautiful creatures, I’m just not a fan of their ability to bite and possibly poison me. Figurines can’t hurt you unless you break them and then you can get a nasty cut. I know that part from experience. I got this picture of a Glass Spider sent to me by a reader and I became obsessed with finding it. I eventually found it at and I was very excited to see that it was only $29.99. I was terrified that it would be super expensive. They are hand blown by a guy in St. Petersburg, Russia. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I decided that I must own it, so I went to order it and found their system is not working “at this time” and to check back. What?! That sucks! Maybe I’ll try and call them. Either way I can’t wait to add her to my collection. I have seen many different and pretty glass spiders, but none as beautiful as this one. This one looks really creepy and like it’s about to attack at any moment. Kind of describes me!

*Thanks JennieOh for the picture! 🙂

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Spiderweb Clock

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I love clocks. I’ve always been fascinated by how they work. I used to take them apart as a kid and try to build my own with a spooky twist. Now it’s not so much fun since most are made with batteries. I still scope out the antique shops and ebay for them, but they have become quite collectable and therefore more expensive. My love goes back to the fact that I’m a freak about getting places on time. I absolutely hate to be late (no rhyme intended). We all have our issues. I just happen to have quite a few of them. I was trolling around online for clocks and came across this funky Spiderweb Clock. This time somebody already did the work for me and made it spooky. I think it’s great! The one thing I would change, if I could, would be that the spider be attached to the minute hand. I’m a picky bitch though, so I’ll let that one go. Makes a perfect kitchen clock. I have so many clocks in our house, so I’m not sure I have room for it. Also don’t know if I can convince my family that we are in dire need of another clock.

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Halloween Clearance

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Listen, I know it’s February, but if you’re anything like me Halloween is a year round holiday. What most people will only put out for Halloween, we have as our regular decor. I have found over the years that February is one of the best months for picking up scary stuff for my house. No one, except a few of us smart people, is thinking about Halloween this time of year. Everything that was left over from last year has been marked down to practically nothing. Most people would assume it’s just junk left, but I don’t find that to be true. A lot of times I see something I love in the fall, but decide to wait because it’s too pricey. Once Halloween is over the stores do a quick clearance and then the stuff disappears to make room for Christmas. After that’s over they do the quick clearance again. Nothing gets put up for January, so they haul out what’s left from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and slash the prices. By then no one is giving any thought to Halloween, so it keeps getting marked down until it’s gone. That’s when I swoop in for the kill. Most of the time that item I was coveting is now half the price or even less. The one thing about this, though, is that this mostly happens online. A few stores will put their clearance stuff in some hidden corner of the store. Most of the time, though, it’s only available on their sites because alot of the bigger stores have to send their stuff back to warehouses. Do a search on Google for Halloween Clearance and you’ll be surprised by the amount of listings. Anything from Target to to the higher end things at Grandin Road.

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