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Skull Bottom Shoes

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My only question would be, “Who doesn’t want a pair of these shoes?” Get yours from Taylor Says here.

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Talking Heads Pants

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Not sure why these are called Talking Heads Pants since they are clearly skull and crossbones and they don’t appear to be having a conversation. I like them and they look really comfortable, but I have some issues with them. First off they are called pants. Not lounging pants or pajama bottoms or even lingerie, just pants. Pants implies that you might wear them outside the house. I could understand a bathing suit coverup, but I can’t imagine too many women wearing them to go to church or even to dinner. I also have an issue with the price of $218. It’s basically a twist on your grandmother’s old tablecloth made into pants. Don’t get me wrong they are gorgeous, but I don’t know if they are $218.00 gorgeous. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth then buy yours here.


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Dead Rat Purse

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Really?!? A purse made out of a dead rat? Now I have seen everything. Don’t get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against rats and other rodents in general, but do I want to be carrying a dead one around as a purse? That would be a resounding no. It’s not my thing, but maybe it’s yours. The designer, Reid Peppard, makes many other taxidermy pieces as well which can be found in a few select boutiques and online here and here.


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Eyeball Locket

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Blue Eye of Protection Poison RingEyeball Locket

I got the link to this Etsy website called Blue Bayer Designs from a reader. All I can say is wow. This is amazing stuff that this guy in New York is creating. His name is actually Blue Bayer and he is a self taught artist. He creates great SteamPunk and Victorian jewelry using anything from watch parts, to bat skulls, to dolls eyes and just found items. I am particularly partial to his eyeball jewelry like the Eyeball Locket and the Blue Eye of Protection Poison Ring. Very unique. He makes all of his items to order, so you can make such requests as what color eye or type of metal he uses. His prices are very reasonable considering how much work and skill goes into making each one. I have a birthday coming up in March if anyone (are you reading Scary Hubby?) is trying to figure out what to get me.

*Thanks Faye in Aurora, CO

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