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Skull Soap

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Black Skull SoapSo you think you have the ultimate creepy bathroom with the bloody shower curtain and rug, a razorblade mirror, the skull toilet brush and the skull towel holder? I bet you don’t have the ultimate scary soap. I’ve searched long and hard over the years for a good scary soap and I was actually rewarded today when I found this Skull Soap. It’s black and it features a scary ass skull on it. What more could you want? Well, for it to be available in the US would make me happy. This little rockin’ bar of soap made by Night Moth is only available in the UK for roughly $6.19, but that’s before shipping. They make other scary soaps such as Necronomicon, a coffin, R.I.P., a bat and even a gothic cherub. Really cool soap, I must say. Wouldn’t it be cool if they lathered up in black too? Or even red?

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Caught in the Rain

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Caught in the Rain costumeAs I have said I feel scary costumes are the best for Halloween. I do enjoy the occasional funny costume if it’s clever. This Caught in the Rain costume made me laugh out loud. In my book that means it passes the test. I would really like to see if it’s as funny in person, though. For some reason I am reminded of the costume that Daniel-Sahn wore in The Karate Kid. You remember that right? The Polkadot Shower? I loved that costume. It’s perfect for the shy person. I would imagine though that it would be kind of hard to get around in it. If I remember correctly Daniel-Sahn had a hard time going through doorways. That does bring up a good point though. Make sure you can get around in your costume easily. I’m sure a lot of you remember Donna’s mermaid costume in 90210. Nobody wants to spend their whole night not being able to move.

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Haunted Bathroom

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Screaming Bloody Shower CurtainWhen you are setting up your haunted house it is important that you don’t forget the bathroom. There are quite a few things that you can do in there. One of my favorites is actually very simple. Get some red craft paint and print in large letters on the mirror Redrum with the d and the second r written backwards like it was in The Shining. I do this whenever I have a Halloween party and it really freaks people out. Another thing you can do is this shower curtain. Not another bloody shower curtain! I know I have covered a few of these in the past, but this shower curtain has a twist.  When your guests walk into the bathroom they see a shower curtain with blood splatters and the silhouette of a man wielding a knife. That could be pretty scary on it’s own. As they walk further into the bathroom suddenly they hear the music from Psycho along with blood curdling screams. It all works with a motion activated sound box that runs on batteries. The whole thing costs only $19.98, so it’s really a no-brainer. It would be too noisy for me to live with this year round, but for Halloween it’s fantastic.

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Psycho Shower Curtain

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Psycho Shower CurtainHave you ever had some guests that you just can’t get rid of? It started out that it would just be a night or two until they found a new place. You were trying to be nice. Helping out a friend. We’ve all been there. Now they’ve been there for days, weeks, maybe even months. They are starting to look like they’ll never leave. Well, here’s something you can do to maybe hurry them along. While they are sleeping on your couch until two in the afternoon go out and buy a new shower curtain. Not just any old shower curtain, but this Psycho Shower Curtain. Hang it so “Mother” is facing inside. That way when they finally get up and get around to showering they’ll get the crap scared out of them when they close the curtain. Now of course you can’t stop there. Start playing nasty tricks on them every day. Soon they’ll be dying to get out of your house!

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Bloody Shower Curtain and Rug

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Bloody Shower Curtain and RugIs there anyone alive, besides children, who have not seen the famous shower scene in Psycho? Scary shower scenes have been repeated over and over in movies, in television and even a music video from, you guessed it, the 80s. It was a song from the one hit wonder Rockwell called Somebody’s Watching Me. One of my favorites. Of course you know that the late great Micheal Jackson did the backup vocals for that song, right? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. Just call me Useless Tidbit Jane. Here’s another one for you: I saw an interview once with Janet Leigh from Psycho and she said she would never take a shower again after seeing that scene. It wasn’t doing the scene that scared her, it was watching it afterwards. Anyway, for $14.99 and $17.99 you can have your own Bloody Shower Curtain and Rug too. Make sure to put them in a guest bath and then invite a bunch of people you don’t know over for a party.

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